Sunday, November 22, 2009

It's not always about the Turkey

I think the last time I thanked my sister was roughly a decade ago at her Bat Mitzvah. I was required by the parentals to give a speech in her honor and the cheeky girl that I was, spun off a little spiel out of a string of 'thank-yous' or as it were back then, a list of "things my sister is good for." But, since then, I’ve dropped the ball and taken her presence for granted. I’ve gotten used to the fact that my closet seems to mysteriously deplete as my sister’s gains two-fold, or the fantastic way she keeps me trim by eating the Halvah I stashed in my car, later claiming, “I didn’t know what it was there for!” Over the years, I have sidetracked from acknowledging what my sister really is good for and thankfully (get it?) was given a little hip-bump and wink from ModCloth to reflect on dear Lili.

During my daily outing to Modcloth I stumbled upon their Thanksgiving-Thank-a-Thon Blog Contest and between the threads took pause to ponder who exactly am I most thankful for? The friends in my FavFives account? The genius who invented Pandora? Tuesday’s date who legitimized my degree in women’s studies by assuming we’d split the check? It was a toss up, but the pound landed Lizzy-side up and I’m giving the shout out to her other Royal Highness, Lili Katz.

Lili dearest, we’ve both outgrown the neon bikini I forced you to wear and share at the beach that summer we were four and five. And true, while we both wish it suited (intended) us today, while retro is high tide, (ok I’m done) there are a lot of aspects to our relationship I’m glad to shed and new trends I am so happy to grow-into with you. I am thankful for our dance compatibility. I don’t know what I would do without a girl to show me up on them mashed-potato moves. Your grooves are the perfect distraction from Mom’s claw shuffle on family club crawls (there was that one time in Mexico…). I am thankful for our proximity in age, that we can share similar obstacles and feats and swap stories of the battle wounds we won in the process. I am thankful for your handwritten letters. Some might say we waste time re-learning to write 3rd grade cursive when we put pen to paper, or searching the house for a damn stamp, but I treasure seeing your scripted capital L in the return address because it reminds me of youth and stability.

It’s not just that your signature has yet to change since the third grade, but your flair for genuine fun and hint of Peter Pan syndrome is rejuvenating. You’re accomplished and stylish, a smarty and hip, and you brighten my day singing Adelaide’s La Grip. A sister-for-life you have to be, (mom says) but dependable in nature is an added bonus. I know I can always count on you for your love, a good laugh, and sage fashion advice (I’ll never pair orange with purple and forest green again!) I miss you and sometimes wish the postman wasn’t the one to facilitate our relationship, but will take his tacit participation for now. Basically Lili, I am so thankful for all the unconditional sisterly beauty you give me that isn’t required of you by the manual mom and dad gave us that one year at Hanukah.


  1. Maddie, I loved this. I am sitting here laughing and crying and remembering the two of you when you were tiny and local and could ONLY bicker with one another. This was a perfect end to MY thanksgiving with the boys. Much love to you. - V